Run Happy

Ever find yourself thinking it would be easier to stand outside in your underwear in the snow than finish that last ten minutes on the treadmill? We’ve all been there at some point- struggling to make it through workouts because of boredom, fatigue or achy, sore muscles. Using music as a motivator could push you to go the extra mile! Create a playlist of your favorite upbeat songs to help set the tone of your workout. Faster paced music can increase your adrenaline and is known to take your mind off of actually exercising. Whatever your taste in music is, go for it!


What We’re Listening To

Partition– Beyonce

Ain’t It Fun– Paramore

Alive– Empire of the Sun

La La La– Naughty Boy (feat. Sam Smith)

Heads Will Roll– Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Love Me Again– John Newman

Summer– Calvin Harris

Radioactive– Imagine Dragons & Kendrick Lamar

Only You– Ellie Goulding

Happy Running,



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