Weekday Dates

I am totally guilty of getting into a Monday- Thursday routine that goes a little something like this… Wake up/Flawless, Post up/Flawless, Ride round in it/Flawless. Oh wait, thats not me. I’m more like… Wake up/Work, Hit the gym/ Shower, Cook/Watch TV, Wash my face/Sleep. Anyone else with me? Working for the weekend is really no way to live, especially at 25! Last week Nick and I decided to shake things up and have date night on a Monday. Safe to say that it was one of the best decisions we’ve made in a while. We had dinner at this adorable wine bar in New Rochelle called The Gnarly Vine. The food was to die for, the wine was delicious, the atmosphere was cozy, the live music was fantastic and the hospitality was refreshing. It was really nice to change up our normal routine. So get out of that week day funk and live a little! I highly recommend it.

Amazing acoustic guitar
Amazing acoustic guitar
Delicious apple & brie salad
Delicious apple & brie salad
What was left of our dessert
What was left of our dessert

Remember you guys… “You have as many hours in a day as Beyonce”!



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