Packing Problems

I have yet to master the art of packing for a vacation. Actually, there’s a pretty good chance that I could be the worst packer in the world. I’m a simple girl, who doesn’t mind an unplanned trip, or going with the ever-changing flow of things, but I do find comfort in being prepared. I tend to overpack with absolutely no organization to my madness. I generally start off by throwing everything I think I will need onto my bed. When I realize it wont all fit, I slowly start deciphering what I really need, one article at a time. There is nothing worse than arriving at your final destination and instantly realizing that you made a poor wordrobe decision.

This is the hot mess I'm talking about
This is the hot mess I’m talking about

To make things more difficult for myself I never check my bags. I have this weird fear of my luggage getting lost or, even worse, stolen. I also like to get out of the airport ASAP. Watching everyone’s luggage circle around the best for an hour after a long flight, is not a part of my ideal vacation. Therefore, I stick to shoving all of my necessities into my medium sized carry on, praying that I can compact it enough to shove it into the overhead bin.

Me looking super excited to check my bags circa 2006
The look of death- checking my bags (circa 2006)

With my vacation to California just a few days away, I decided to do some research that could help me with my packing problems. Here are a few of my favorite packing tips:

  1. Check your airline’s restrictions and guidelines for size, number and price of carry ons (Smart).
  2. Make a list beforehand (BINGO) and divide into sections: ie. sleep, toiletries, swim, dinner etc.
  3. Roll your clothes, don’t fold. Rolling saves space & won’t cause as many wrinkles (this could really work for me, because I’m terrible at folding laundry).
  4. Think about the number of outfits you need and subtract one (note to self: more like subtract five).
  5. Wear things more than once (i’m ok with this rule).
  6. Pack versatile pieces that can be reused in several different outfits (also very smart).
  7. Leave space for any souvenirs/purchases made during your travels (This could be the hardest tip to follow).
It all fits wooh
It all fits wooh
Ready to rock
All packed up. Now lets hope I don’t try to add more before Saturday!

Just incase anyone was wondering, “You can fill a gallon size freezer bag full of shooters. It’s fair game. Did it on my flight to japan” -Jen Polan

Happy Travels,



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