Splashing Into Spring

One great thing about living in New York is the change of seasons. However, we always seem to welcome spring with a wonderful mixture of snow/slush/rain/wind (womp, womp). Instead of allowing this weather to drown us out, we have decided to take it as a positive omen. We figure the rain is just washing away any negative vibe that might be lingering from the past few months. Regardless of the weather spring is officially here! The beginning of bare legs, pink shades of makeup, bike rides, windows rolled down in the car, lazing outdoors, blooming flowers, dining outdoors and soaking up those long awaited sun rays is upon us. One thing that always helps us transition into spring mode is the color of our manicures. A little splash of color goes a long way! “Tart Deco” by Essie makes coasting into the new season enjoyable.

Tarte Deco nail polish by Essie
Tarte Deco nail polish by Essie
Polished Perfection
Polished Perfection




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