What’s In My Bag: Flight Edition

Most of you already know about my issues with packing (if you missed it, here). From my own experiences, there are a few items that are simply necessary to bring with you when flying. The first item on the list- a good bag. When flying my bag of choice is a backpack. It’s easy to carry, has plenty of storage compartments and it’s big enough to fit all the essentials but small enough to fit perfectly under the seat in front of you. So, what’s in my bag? Here’s what made the cut.

Flying essentials.
Flying essentials.

Scarf: It can act as a blanket, a pillow or a shield from creepy passengers.

Ipad/Phone/Charger: Entertainment.

Headphones: (Frends) super comfortable & great at blocking out unwanted sound.

Gum: To deal with the change in cabin pressure & to stay feeling fresh. 

Snacks:  No one likes to be hangry! Plus you won’t feel forced to eat crappy/unhealthy airplane food.

Empty Water Bottle:  Airplane air is super dry & can dehydrate you quickly! The two complimentary drinks they give you (if your lucky) are not enough, especially on longer flights. To help stay hydrated, bring an empty water bottle that you can fill up after going through security.

Wallet: Between all of the check points & security gates, you always have to have your ID & boarding pass out. I’ve had a few “omg I can’t find my license” scares- after one check point I’d throw my ID or boarding pass in some random place. Take the time to stay organized & put every important document in your wallet.

Sunglasses: Also acts like a good shield. They give off the “please don’t bother me” vibe.

Wetsuit: ?? It wouldn’t fit in my luggage.

Not pictured but also essential: Deodorant (for obvious reasons) & Chapstick (dry airplane air = dry lips..keep those puppies moisturized).

I love window seats!
I love window seats!

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