Save or Cave: LuLulemon

The other day one of my students showed me a quote that said, “Don’t be the girl with the $2,000 bag that doesn’t have $2,000 in it”. It made me laugh but I also think those are wise words to live by. I’m guilty of having expensive taste, but unfortunately right now my budget doesn’t allow me to have expensive taste. If I pick out something that is not within my means I generally do a good job deciphering what I really need in life to make me happy versus what I want.   

However, there is one or two exceptions to my rule of staying within my budget. If I believe an item has longterm value I will absolutely indulge. One article of clothing that I don’t have any issues splurging on is LuLulemon yoga pants. Some of you might be saying, “$80.00 on yoga pants?!  CRAZY!” Now let me explain my logic.

1. I am a Physical Education Teacher, I practically live in yoga pants. Yoga pants and sneakers are my work clothes (This may or may not have been the main reason for choosing my profession-kiddinggg…kind of).

2. I bought my first pair of LuLu’s 4 years ago. I still own them & wear them regularly…I am actually wearing them right now! (Let’s do some Math 80 divided by 4 = 20. They cost me $20 a year!)

3. No other yoga/workout pants fit as good as LuLulemon. They are tight but comfortable and they never sag mid workout. I can’t even tell you how many times I find myself annoyingly pulling up my pants when I am on the treadmill or at yoga when my pants aren’t LuLu’s.

4. They have a wide and high waist band (Tall girl butt crack: the struggle is real).

5. Most importantly they make your legs & booty look awesome!

Hiking in my Wonder Unders!
Hiking in my Wonder Unders!
Lulu Love
Lulu Love

My recommendation is coming from my own experience with the Wonder Under . It’s my favorite style. They have plenty of colors & patterns to choose from and they are usually reversible. Two pants for the price of one! Obviously I say cave when it comes to Lululemon yoga pants! On a budget? Try finding a Lululemon outlet!

Happy Shopping,



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