Five Simple Health Tips

It is not the easiest thing in the world maintaining a health-conscious lifestyle day-in and day-out. It is okay to slip up a little and eat that pint of Ben & Jerry’s. But some things should not be avoided or ignored. It is the little things that matter at the end of the day. Here are a few of the little things people tend to forgo to make the most of being healthy.

–Not drinking enough water {So what exactly can happen to your body when you’re not drinking enough water? Dehydration/Dry, itchy, saggy skin/Loss of muscle tone/Constipation/Kidneys that don’t filter wastes efficiently(Yikes, no thank you!) Start filling up that 32 oz nalgene bottle 3x a day}
–Taking the escalator not the stairs {Theres no exuse for not having time to fit in exercise. Every step counts! You can burn up to three times as more calories taking the stairs. Plus in most cases taking the stairs is always quicker}
–Parking close to the store {Do not be one of thoes individuals who will drive around the parking lot for an extra 10 min waiting for the closest parking spot to open up! Another way to sneak in extra activity is to park the furthest away from the store. No excuses if it is cold or rainy- walk faster, get your heart rate up!}
–Not eating one meal and over-indulging for another meal {Very bad idea & super unhealthy! Doing this can actually mess up your metablosim and can be a cause of weight gain. Heres the deal- when you skip a meal your metabolism has nothing to break down so it actually begins to slow down. Then the next time you eat, since your metabolism has slowed down it is not able to break down food as fast and the left over food is stored as fat. Keep that metabolism up! Eat 3-5 healthy meals (using small portions) a day}
–Staying inside on a beautiful day {How many times do you find yourself wishing for that perfect sunny day? Take a break from what ever is going on in your life and just get outside in that fresh air. Talk a walk around your block, walk your dog, go to the park- soak up that vitamin D(wearing sunscreen of course). Embrace it!}
Life is all about balance.
Life is all about balance.
Get out and explore!
Get out and explore!



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