Dictate Your Own Happiness

Have you ever had those days where you are so excited to step on the scale because you feel like you are one pound closer to looking and feeling like world renowned super model Heidi Klum? Then the next thing you know you look down and you cannot believe your eyes, you have actually gained a pound! What the frick?? Next, you begin to rationalize– okay 1lb. for clothes and 4lbs. for shoes and it is the end of the day so you must be heavier due to water weight. Inevitably you blame the “broken scale”. That is when everything starts crumbling down around you and as you begin to sob, you vow never to step on that demon machine EVER again.
evil scale-747895
From experience we both know how easy it is to become overly obsessed with that ominous number. It can truly make or break your day. We see the scale as an evil dictator known for crushing self-esteems and controlling our moods. Well that stops here!
CHALLENGE: Throw out your scale! There are more empowering ways to determine the success of your new healthy-lifestyle. Are your jeans feeling better this month than last? Does your belt need to go down a notch? Well CONGRATS! Healthy living needs to become an entire lifestyle change and must be a part of your daily routine. Staying active builds muscle which weighs more than fat. So that extra pound you freaked out about last week may actually be a step in the right direction!
None of us were born with the same body, height, muscle mass, etc.  Heidi Klum will never be the same petite size that Eva Longoria is, yet they are still beautiful strong women regardless of their number. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder and if you look in the mirror (or take a shameless selfie) and think to yourself, “Self, DAMN you lookin’ good!” then that is all that matters!
^^Shameless Selfies^^
Love Your Body,



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