Wheat Grass Anyone?

Want to try a shot that is actually beneficial for your health? Drop into your nearest local health food market or juice cafe and see if they offer wheat grass. It is exactly what it sounds like- a type of grass grown in fields just like barley or oats, that is taken and squeezed fresh into a liquid. I admit, at first I was extremely suspicious about the whole situation. Obviously the thought of drinking grass was not very appealing to my taste buds… Until I found out about all of the great health benefits. There are too many to write out but some that caught my eye were…
* It is the freshest, living food filled with fantastic nutrients, enzymes and minerals
* Aids in blood flow, digestion, strengthening your immune system, and detoxification of the body
* Contains more vitamin C than oranges and twice the vitamin A as carrots
* Builds muscle and endurance
* Helps fight infection
* Lowers blood pressure
* Acts as an appetite suppressant

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{Step 4- Voila}
{Step 4- Voila}
It turns out that drinking wheat grass is also awesome for helping reduce fatigue and giving you that extra boost of energy you need to get through the day. Make sure to try it on a semi-empty stomach (we suggest morning time before breakfast). If your taking a shot you might want a chaser of water or juice for afterwards. Some people love the taste and some not so much. I’m on the not so much side-to me it tastes like sweetly mowed grass in my mouth. Not very appealing I know, but with all of those amazing health benefits, I’ve learned to suck it up & like it. But you’ll never know until you try it!



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