Lusting over Lush Cosmetics

My Lush face routine.
My Lush face care arsenal.

Growing up I had excellent skin. The type of skin, where my friends would want to punch me in the face for complaining about the one zit I would get every two to three months. But once I turned 25, my skin started to change. I couldn’t believe it. I’m not sure if it was hormones, or my diet, but I felt like a middle schooler, embarrassed to show my face in public. Immediately, I started a strict skin regiment: washing my face twice a day, cleansing with witch hazel, staying away from chocolate (well trying to), testing out new moisturizers and face washes. I tried almost everything, but to my dismay, nothing was working as well as I wanted it to. Thankfully, one girls night, K introduced me to one of her Lush face washes. All of their products are handmade with fresh, all natural ingredients (Bonus: they are big on fighting against animal testing). Lush has products that cater to all different skin types. Here is the cleansing routine that I found to work best for me:

Step 1 Face Cleanser:

Let The Good Times Roll.
Let The Good Times Roll.

My first Lush product I ever purchased was their Angels On Bare Skin face cleanser. After I ran out, I immediately wanted to get more. I was devastated when I looked online and they were out of stock. So I trekked to the mall, only to find out that they  were also out of stock! Luckily one of their amazing employees told me not to fret and introduced me to “Let The Good Times Roll“. Now I’m not sure which cleanser I like better! Let the Good Times Roll is a gentle exfoliant that will leave your face smelling absolutely amazing. As you can tell in the picture above, I’m almost ready for a new batch!

Step 2 Toner Water:

Eau Roma Toner.
Eau Roma Water.

Toner water …I’m not sure if you really need it, but I like it. You spritz it on your face before you put on moisturizer and it helps open up your pores and hydrate your skin. I definitely feel a difference on my skin if I moisturize without it.

Step 3 Eye Cream:

Enchanting Eye Cream.
Enchanted Eye Cream.

Enchanted Eye Cream is the newest edition to my Lush collection (I’ve been using it for about a month). So while I’m not sure if it improves fine lines or wrinkles, I can say that it improves skin tone and texture (BYE dark circles!). It is super light, doesn’t have a fragrance and it’s not greasy. A little dab goes a long way!

Step 4 Facial Moisturizer:

Celestial Face Moisturizer.
Celestial Face Moisturizer.

I wanted a face moisturizer that was super light weight and non-greasy. Celestial face moisturizer is just that. It’s a bit expensive but it lasts a long time if used properly (a finger dab will cover your whole face). It makes my face feel soft & smooth and it smells great because of it’s coco butter base.

Again, these are the products that I found to work best for my skin type. I have normal to slightly dry skin (more dry in the winter months, of course). There is a ton of helpful information and costumer reviews on their website to help figure out what would work best for your skin type. I highly recommend getting the full experience by heading to a Lush store nearest you. Their workers are so energetic and helpful and they demonstrate and test out everything you may be interested in on your skin before you buy it. Do not go in there without having at least 20 minutes free, because it is very easy to get sucked into trying everything! You have been warned.

Happy Shopping,




3 thoughts on “Lusting over Lush Cosmetics

  1. Thank you! We love Lush as well! Go for it, their facial skincare is wonderful! If you try some of them out, let us know what you think!

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