Simple & Gold

I’ve always admired how some girls can effortlessly make an outfit complete, by rocking the right pieces of jewelry. For me, when it comes to jewelry, my motto has always been: the simpler the better. For example, I’ve been wearing the same turquoise ring, small pearl earrings and silver nixon watch every day for the past six  years. How exciting… (yawn). However, I have recently decided to slowly come out of my minimalistic comfort zone when choosing what pieces of jewelry I want to wear. Check out a few of my current favorites below.

^^Dainty layers^^
Rose gold layered delicates {Here}.


Another view of my sweet birthday necklaces from Nick.
Wave ring
Wave ring {Here}
My new Nixon, "The Kensington Leather"
My new Nixon watch, with rose gold accents, “The Kensington Leather”

Ok, so most of these pieces are still on the minimalistic or simplistic side, but I’m trying! Baby steps people, baby steps.




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