One of our Favorite Things: Glassy Babys

K called me one day and told me that she spent forty dollars on a candle holder. I believe my response was something along the lines of, “Your completely crazy! Forty dollars is an absurd amount of money to spend on a candle holder (that doesn’t even come with a candle).” She then replied that she actually spent sixty, because she wanted overnight delivery. After that, I obviously had to find out what was so amazing about this candle holder, that Kim thought was worthy of sixty hard-earned dollars. I went right to the Glassy Baby website and came across a sweet, tear-inducing story of how a husband started blowing glass for his wife who had cancer. The wife stated that the glow from the candles (in the blown glass holder) soothed her and helped her heal. They started the company in hopes that others would find the same strength and hope. Today, for every Glassy Baby that is sold, a portion of the profit goes to one of many amazing charities. Even after all of that heart warming…, I was still not overly thrilled about spending $40.00  on a candle holder. This all changed when I went to K’s apartment. And, there it was in all its glory, sitting pretty on top of her coffee table. The was the candle glowed through the blown glass was beautifully mesmerizing. The next thing I knew, I was whipping out my debit card to order my very own Glassy Baby. They have plenty of colors to choose from and each one is slightly unique because they are individually handblown. It is also always a plus when you buy something and part of the proceeds go to a good cause. To this day, I still feel good about my decision to indulge. I love my Glassy Baby and plan on adding more to my collection in the future.


Glowing without even being lit.
“Friendship”-Glowing without even being lit.
Beautifully blown glass.
Beautifully handmade blown glass.




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