Reading: Exercise For Your Mind

11 days until Memorial Day weekend.. but who is counting? I am, trust me! Within the next few weeks we will be reintroduced to the familiarities of the summer months. The lingering smell of campfire on your clothes, sand scratching on your scalp, and the bittersweet stench of hotdog burps (I can’t decide if this is a good or bad thing because I love hotdogs so much but those rank burps are def the worst, nevertheless a key to summer).
Summer time fire pits.
Summer time fire pits.
Nothing beats spending Memorial Day at the beach.
Nothing beats spending Memorial Day at the beach.
With the contagious sunshine and that extra surge of energy you get from the longer days, another pastime of summer that is my absolute favorite.. catching up on my reading.  Nothing feels better than sitting on a freshly cut lawn or the hot sand with sunglasses, iced tea, and book in hand. I don’t know if it is the heat or humming of the outdoors but  I am always so much more focused on what I am reading in the summer.
One of my favorite summer activities.
One of our favorite summer activities.
Lately, I have been buying my books off of Amazon but “pre-owned”. Not only are they like a quarter of the retail price but I like to think of who the previous owner was and what they thought or experienced while reading the same book. The last book I bought had a little note wishing their dad a Happy Father’s Day from 1998.
Here are some suggested readings that are light enough to keep your attention but leave you thinking a little longer after you finish:
1.       The Glass Castle –Jennifer Wells  (A quick read but a touching story of one family’s unorthodox dynamics)
2.       This Is Where I Leave You– Jonathan Tropper (HYSTERICAL yet extremely well-written with a much deeper plot than anticipated)
3.       Uganda Be Kidding Me – Chelsea Handler (Hilarious & whitty)
4.       A Visit From The Good Squad –Jennifer Egan (She won a Pulitzer for this one & is being turned into an HBO series)
5.       Saltwater Buddah- Jaimal Yogis (Simple & heartfelt, will help you appreciate all the days in your life)
How adorable is that bicycle bookend?!
How adorable is this bicycle bookend that M found at HomeGoods?!
One more thing that I have to say! And it is a rule I have when it comes to books, the avid reader that I am. Pass them along! Books are not meant to be possessed by one person. They come and they go. Get a group of friends and some vino and host a Book Exchange Party. You will find yourself with a whole new library!
Happy Reading,



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