Save or Cave: Nutribullet

Smoothies are a big part of my morning routine. I am not a morning person at all, but my AM smoothie makes me a bit more tolerable to be around.  In early December, I finally got fed up with my leaky, bulky, screechy, piece of [expletive deleted] blender. So, I did some reseach and asked around for recommendations…and by research I mean I asked K. She’s the queen of researching a product before buying one and I trust her judgement 100%. In the end K said to go with the Nutribullet and I did just that. As always, my girl pulled through. I am slightly obsessed with my Nutribullet, here are a few reasons why…

My morning savior.
My morning savior.

Speed: I used to spend 5-8 minutes with my old blender, waiting for my smoothie to fully blend. The nutribullet blends up my fruits, veggies and greens, literally seconds.

Strength: It’s 600 watt motor, with specially designed blades, pulverizes even the heartiest vegetables and ice, with no chunks left behind.

Easy to Use: Fill up the blender cup (don’t go past the fill line) with your favorite smoothie ingredients, twist on the blade, and BOOM!, you’ll be in smoothie heaven in a matter of seconds. You can also enjoy your smoothie right out of the blending cup and take it on the go with a twist top lid.

Space: If you’ve ever lived in a small, one bedroom apartment, you know space is everything! The Nutribullet the perfect kitchen appliance, that won’t take up every inch of your  counter top.

BPA Free & Dishwasher Safe Components: Always a plus!

Price: Super affordable! Around $100.00! That’s a huge pro when it comes to investing in a good blender. (Hit up Bed, Bath & Beyond with one of their 20% off coupons they send out every month….you know you have like 10 saved in your junk drawer.)

Verdict: CAVE.

-William Shakespeare (via)
This is exactly how I feel about the Nutribullet. Quote-William Shakespeare (via)

Happy Blending,



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