Friday Five: Current Obsessions

This week has been absurdly busy. It was one of those weeks, where I would have been better off just sleeping in my office. After five 14 hour work days, I am gladly welcoming the idea of doing absolutely nothing this weekend. I generally thrive on getting out, exploring and trying new things, but every now and then, I am completely content with having nothing planned. A restful few days can be equally as expanding to the soul as adventure. Just turn your attention inward and listen to what your body tells you.

Now, go enjoy your weekend and go with the flow.

Favorite View:

NYC, how I love you. 

Favorite Workout:

New Workout Challenge (via)

Favorite Home Decor:

Perfectly potted succulents at K's apartment.
Perfectly potted succulents at K’s apartment.

Favorite Food:

Mini watermelon from Trader Joe's.
Adorable mini watermelon from Trader Joe’s.

Favorite Quote:

Words to live by.
Words to live by.




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