Balancing Act: Wants vs. Needs

Find your balance.
Find your balance.

Recently I find myself torn between being responsible and being a “carefree twenty six year old”. Summer is around the corner and I find myself getting sucked into the dangers of want. Lately, I just want new everything all at once (bathing suits, sunglasses, sun dresses, cameras, nail polish etc.). To spend or save… to spend or to save?!!? Thanks to my parents who have done an amazing job raising me, I force myself to reflect, “Are these materialistic things what you really need to survive??” Of course not (damn it). So I turn on one of my favorite Jack Johnson songs Gone, to remind myself what life is really aboout. “Look at all those fancy clothes, But these could keep us warm just like those.” It’s simple, life is all about balance.

Us being care free at 18.
^^Us being care free at 18 (circa 2006)^^
You have to ask yourself do I NEED this or WANT it? Do you NEED that new J Crew 59.99 darling high-waisted pencil skirt? Probably not. But if you find yourself in this predicament consider this: make a deal with yourself, “I will only allow myself either 1 new top full-price or 2 tops on clearance”.
If you can decipher what you really need in life to make you happy versus what you want, you may be surprised. You really NEED so little to be happy except the essentials that will always be priceless (friends, family, love, health). If I had to choose between a new pair of heels or a dinner out with my boyfriend, you can bet I’ll choose the dinner with my man. The heels can’t hold my hand!



3 thoughts on “Balancing Act: Wants vs. Needs

  1. appreciate a post like this ladies! 5 years into my career and I honestly still shop like I’m in college working 2 jobs to support my drinking habits. Biggest balance in life for me will always be time vs. money. You can work your ass off and have a boat load of money but if you don’t have any free time to spend it, there’s no point. Conversely, if you choose to enjoy yourself and not work your life away you likely will have a hard time affording all those expensive trips, adventures, monthly yoga and art classes you want to take to fill up that free time. In reality, all I want to be is a stay-at-home-puppy-mom and win the lottery…sigh

    1. HaHa thanks Beaner, we appreciate you taking the time to read it! We are with you 100% girl! The struggle is real. Nick talks about winning the lottery all the time. I tell him he is crazy for wasting his money…while I secretly pray that he wins ;o). Miss you!

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