Fanny Pack Comeback?!

Fanny packs. They always remind me of creepy old man tourists, who wear visors and eat hot dogs, with all the leftover mustard on their mustaches. It is not something I would ever think about or talk about. So when my beau told me he was ordering a fanny pack, I thought he obviously had to be joking. A week later, a small package from Patagonia came in the mail.. All I could think about was fashion suicide by association…

…and creepy old men.

These views all changed on our very active trip to California, filled with daily hiking and biking. My man sported his fanny pack proudly everywhere we went. It really started to rub off on me. I began to notice how convenient it could be to have one (when, and only when, being active). I found one I loved, at Urban Outfitters, for about $14.00. They don’t have that style online anymore, unfortunately, but if you search for “belt bags” they have a few others in stock. I won’t be caught dead wearing one out on the town, but I’ve recently seen some fashionistas pull off the look. So what do you think? Are you guys down with the fanny pack comeback!?

My Urban teal fanny pack.
My teal fanny pack.
Nick & his FP.
Nick & his Patagonia Fanny Pack.
Perfect for active living.
Perfect for active living.




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