22 days sans sugar

Last week after eating devouring about ten zeppoles at my Softball dinner, I got the biggest, most bloated, stomach ache ever. It was in that moment, that I realized my sweet tooth was getting a bit out of hand. Why can’t I be a normal human and enjoy just one or two?! There are studies that say sugar is more addictive than cocaine and I believe it. I am admittedly a sugar addict. For the most part, I live a healthy lifestyle, but sweets are and have always been my weakness. If I am out to dinner, or at a party, I will never turn down dessert. There is ALWAYS room. I don’t really buy a lot of sugary foods for the apartment (because I would turn into a beast..I have zero self control), but I enjoy dark chocolate covered almonds after dinner each night, along with a few spoonfuls of ice cream here and there. So, I asked my boyfriend if he thought I could last 30 days without added sugar in my diet. His automatic response, with no hesitation was, “Not a chance”. I love a good challenge. So, I decided for the rest of June I will rid my diet of all added sugars, which is basically everything that is sweet, except for fruit. Yes, I know that this is not a full 30 days, but we move out to the Hamptons at the end of June. And, I know I won’t be able to stay away from Scoop du Jour (my favorite homemade ice cream parlor). Listen, I’m just being realistic. So, 22 days it is. My boyfriend thinks I’ll last about 15 of those 22, so it’s on!

Well, I started two days ago and so-far-so-good. Two days down! Woo! It’s actually been a little tougher than I thought. But I’ll explain more in my next post. I’ll be updating here and there about my journey sans sugar, so if you want to hear about the struggle, don’t forget to check in!

My last sweet treat. Froyo with assorted sweet toppings!
My last sweet treat. There is froyo somewhere under all those toppings! I also got a huge stomachache 10 minutes after I ate it.


I also treated myself to a sweet brunch. Banana, strawberry crepe with vanilla yogurt and whip creme...topped of with powdered sugar. It was delicious.
I also treated myself to a sweet Sunday brunch. Banana & strawberry crepe with vanilla yogurt and whipped cream ..topped of with powdered sugar. It was delicious.

Wish me luck,



3 thoughts on “22 days sans sugar

  1. Love your posts M! I too struggle with my sugar addiction and find that when I temporarily remove it from my diet, I feel better all around. No mid-day slumps, stomach aches etc. Maybe -just maybe- I’ll join you in your challenge! Good luck.

    1. Thanks for reading Nicole!! Join in and let me know how it goes! It doesn’t feel good yet…I’m hoping it gets easier over the next day or two. I’ve never tried eliminating it from my diet, not even for a day. I’m very interested to see how my body reacts. I hope all is well!! Hug your family for me!!

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