Day 11 Sans Sugar: Fighting the Cravings

To be honest, I am in absolute shock that I’ve lasted this long.  I’ve been craving sugar, like a smoker craves nicotine. It’s almost pathetic. I get super grumpy after dinner, which is when I usually have my dessert. I tried to trick my body by eating a piece of fruit, but it knows it’s not the real thing. I also need to cut back on the fruit. Yes, it is natural, but its making me super bloated and gassy. And, (gasp) even fruit can make you gain weight. [Disclaimer: fruit still provides you with essential vitamins and nutrients, so don’t avoid it entirely. Just watch your intake. Everything in moderation folks.] This sucksssss. Everything, EVERYTHING has effing sugar in it. Seriously, this is why our country is filled with obesity and type 2 diabetes. Carefully reading the food label is necessary to figure out how much added sugar your getting in your diet. However, it isn’t so easy. A lot of the time, it’s hidden within a word that makes you believe its healthy for you, when it just means sugar. For example, if it says…

Agave Nectar, Beet Sugar, Brown Rice Syrup, Brown Sugar, Cane Crystals, Cane Sugar, Coconut Palm Sugar, Coconut Sugar, Corn syrup, Fructose, Dehydrated Cane Juice, Dextrin, Dextrose, Evaporated Cane Juice, Fuit Juice Concentrate, Sucrose, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Molases, Maple Syrup, Palm Sugar, Raw Sugar, Sorghum and many more than I’m probably missing… all means sugar!

Having a diet sans added sugar has been discomforting. The first few days I filled up on fruit, veggies, raw trail mix, protein shakes, plain greek yogurt (lactose has natural sugar), chicken, veggie burgers, eggs, beans and fish. Yawn. Speaking of fish, on day two, I decided to make tilapia for dinner. Without thinking, I added  some lemon zest seasoning and breadcrumbs onto my fish. Seconds before the fish was in the oven, I remembered that I was supposed to be checking every food label to make sure the ingredients didnt have any added sugar. I was left washing my Tilapia off in the sink and, luckily, I found fresh pesto in my refrigerator.

I feel like I’ve been eating the same shit, day in, and day out. I was in desperate need of new recipes. Thankfully, a friend from college recommended that I check out (Thanks Bec!). A website with recipes for crazy people like me, who think its a good idea to try ridding added sugar from their diets. The best part of the website is the 21 day sugar detox (21DSD) treat section. I look forward to trying out some of those recipes. They make me drool just by looking at the pictures. Aannnd, they don’t have any added sugar. Hurrayyyy!

^ A few end of the year gifts from my students…Banana Bread and a “Sultty Brownie” They are now sitting in my freezer waiting for these next next 11 days to pass so I can devour them! (there’s an Oreo and a chocolate chip cookie hidden somewhere in that brownie)^




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