I survived a 22 day sugar detox

Well day 22 is finally here! I feel like I need a shirt that says, I survived a 22 day sugar detox! I’m an extremely competitive person. So, when my boyfriend Nick told me that I wouldn’t last more than 15 days without added sugar, I really wanted to prove him wrong. But deep down, I thought there were pretty good odds that I’d slip up at least once or twice. I was, after all, a sugar addict.

So here are few confessions:

I drank a few beers on Fathers Day, at a Yankee game, and when USA was playing against Portugal in the World Cup. I’d say about two or three per event. To be honest when I first started this sugar detox, I didnt even think about alcohol. So, on Father’s Day, when my dad handed me a beer, I decided that it was ok to indulge in an alcoholic beverage, but only for big events and celebrations. Three days out of 22 isn’t so terrible, really.

I also had food poisoning, or something like a 24 hour stomach bug on day 17. All I could hold down was a yellow gatorade and a handful of animal crackers. I never drink gatorade, ever. I don’t even like it, but this situation was really out of my control, so I don’t feel so bad.

Overall, I am really proud of myself. I broke my addiction! There were a few times when I had the dark chocolate covered almond container out on the counter, and open with my hand inside, but I had the willpower to put the lid back on and drink some water, or eat a piece of fruit instead. My sugar cravings never fully went away, but it got easier to ignore them as time passed. I was able to attend BBQs, end of the year work parties, and family events, all the while passing up amazing, mouth watering desserts (which I don’t think I’ve ever done in my entire life). Best of all, my body feels amazing. I don’t ever weigh myself (read about my reasons here) but I feel as though I lost some weight. My body digests food quicker and I definitely have much more energy. I don’t think I will continue a lifestyle sans added sugar, however, I am going to be more aware of the types of food I am putting in my body. I am going to try and eat a clean diet as much as possible. But, I will be indulging in dessert here and there. All in moderation of course. Hey, a girls gotta live. Now please excuse me, I have a banana bread and a slutty brownie to attend to. They’ve been thawing out from the freezer all morning.




Final thought:

I highly suggest a sugar detox! Even if it is only for a few days or a week. I feel fantastic. And, it was definitely worth the mental angst of not having desserts or sweets. If you have any interest or questions, please feel free to contact me in the comment section below!






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