Finding Time for Breakfast

Confession: I was definitely guilty of being apart of the population that has problems fitting a healthy breakfast into my daily routine. One of my biggest excuses: There is just not enough time in the morning. Well, it’s time to find the time! Starting off your morning with a good, healthy breakfast has the power to make or break your day. It will kick start your metabolism, help you stay focused and you’ll have more energy throughout the whole day! Plus you will be less likely to over indulge when it’s time to eat lunch.

 Above is one of my favorite quick and easy choices. It takes about 60 seconds to make, plus its the perfect balance of protein, carb & fat! It holds me over more than any energy breakfast bar. Not a fan of rice cakes? Try using a piece of whole grain toast, or a whole grain slice of toast or an English muffin. Stay away from refined (white) grains. Not only do they have very little nutritional value, they digest faster and you’ll find yourself hungry quicker. Be good to yourself, the best way to start off your day is eating a healthy breakfast!
                                                                   *1 brown rice rice cake
                                                                   *1 tbsp of almond butter
                                                                   *2 sliced strawberries
                                                                    * a drizzle of honey

5 thoughts on “Finding Time for Breakfast

  1. I completely agree about making time for breakfast and this looks wonderful. Check my blog out for other healthy eating ideas at

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