Gentile Reminders

I was on the phone with my mom the other day bitching venting about everything going on in my life at the moment. Like any good mother, she let me ramble until I completely got everything off my chest. I don’t remember her exact response, but in my head it went something like, “Shut up you American princess, you aren’t homeless. Get a grip, you have everything you could possibly need.” It was the exact response I needed. I can always rely on my lovely parents for a good reality check.

Reminder to self: No matter how tired, sick, stressed and cranky you are, just stop. Stop complaining. You are alive. You have everything you need. Take a moment to remember what is really important in life.


Here are five things I am currently thankful for…

  • Fresh fruit and veggies
  • Hot showers
  • Sunshine on my face (even when it’s so cold in NY and I never want to leave my cozy apartment)
  • The love of my life, who is also my best friend
  • Supportive family and friends




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