According to my iPhone: Amsterdam

The city of bikes and canals
Being extra touristy at the famous “I Amsterdam Sign” in front of the Rijksmuseum
Heineken Brewery/Museum
The excitement that comes from being with your best friends in Europe
When it’s gay pride in Amsterdam ^^
Beer tastes better in Europe, especially when your sitting by a beautiful canal
Lounging on the grass, enjoying the sun at the beautiful Museumplein Park
Gelato for lunch…every day
Fun Fact: There are more bikes then people in Amsterdam
Traditional Dutch food (Drooling)
Cafe Sonneveld: The best spot to get traditional, local food
The Anne Frank House- such a powerful experience (No photos allowed inside)


Dutch cheese is what I want on my death bed
Nutella, Gelato Waffel for dinner..with some strawberries and bananas, ya know… to keep it healthy


When in Amsterdam

  1. Free Walking Tours. They are great way to explore and learn about any city when traveling. I suggest doing one on your first day to help get you acquainted with your surroundings. Stay on the sidewalks, you may get run over by a bike. (Be sure to tip your tour guide!)
  2. The cheese museum. Free samples all day, everyday. Need I say more?
  3. Bike tour around the city. I must admit, after almost being run over, watching locals run red lights and daringly weave in and out of traffic, I was nervous and a bit intimidated to try myself. Biking is the main form of transportation in the city. A local women told me that they even ride to work when it snows! It seemed wrong to not give it a chance. Out of the three ways to explore the city, the bike tour was our favorite. Assuming you’ll survive, when in Amsterdam riding bikes is a must!
  4. Canal tour. See the city from a different perspective. Just choose one that serves booze and get there early to pick the best seats on the boat.
  5. Take pictures at the “I Amsterdam” sign by the Rijksmuseum. Very touristy but very necessary.
  6. Heineken Brewery/Museum. It actually turned out to be a better experience then we thought. Plus the beer tastes so much better then in America.
  7. Find a restaurant that serves traditional Dutch food. Try out Cafe Sonneveld!!
  8. Find a place to get a waffle with Nutella. There seems to be a shop on every street corner.
  9. Visit the Anne Frank House. Tip: Get there an hour or so before they open, the lines are unreal. It is absolutely worth the wait.
  10. Visit a museum. The Van Gough Museum and the Rijksmuseum are two of the more popular museums and they are in close proximity to one another. If you aren’t into art, I highly suggest you grab a bottle of wine and relax on the grass in front of the Van Gough Museum in Museumplein Park.

To the land where there’s more bikes then people, endless canals & bridges. Amsterdam, I’ve fallen in love with your beautiful, crazy city. You also have the best tasting cheese in the whole entire world. Until next time.



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