Cooking in the Kitchen with Blue Apron

This was my fist time using Blue Apron, I received a trial through Groupon for Christmas from a wonderful friend and gift giver (Thanks Scottie)! There’s been a huge buzz  surrounding the company for a while now, so I was really excited to try it out. Read on to check out some of my thoughts from the experience. 

I like cooking, but I consider myself a novice chef. I tend to cook within my comfort zone and this experience really made me try new recipes and ingredients that I wouldn’t normally use. Blue Apron posts upcoming weekly menus on their site a few weeks in advance, so you have the opportunity to make sure the menu looks appatizing before you place an order. There is not much control over your exact ingredients/meals, but you do pick your dietary preferences (chicken, beef, vegan, pork, fish or shellfish). For a two person plan, they charge you $59.94 a week and that gets you three health conscious meals (they also have meal plans for families of 4 and 6). All of their products are really fresh and come with the exact portions so that nothing goes to waste. It also comes with beautiful photo cards with step by step instructions for the whole cooking process, so how could you really fail? The biggest plus is that the grocery shopping and planning is already completely done. 
 My favorite part about using Blue Apron was how it brought my boyfriend and I together in the kitchen. Due to our busy work schedules we rarely cook together. If I get home late from work Nick will let me relax on the couch while he cooks for us and vise versa. We were both so intrigued by trying new recipes, it turned into a mini adventure that we didnt want to miss out on. We liked the experience enough to try it out for a second week. The meals turned out to be pretty tasty and I actually felt like I was getting better at cooking. In the end, we decided that we won’t be using it as a weekly meal service, but we plan on ordering again in the future when we feel a need to shake up our cooking routine.

Happy Cooking,




5 thoughts on “Cooking in the Kitchen with Blue Apron

      1. I have done hello fresh & really liked it! I think you should do it for comparisons & no I have not, but it looks great so I’m thinking about it

      2. That’s a great idea. I am totally going to look into it. I’m interested to see what the comparisons will be. Thanks!

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