Adventures in Beauty

I’ve never really been into makeup. I’m not against it, I actually love how it can make you feel empowered. I just prefer the all natural look and that’s how I feel most comfortable. My beauty bag consist of four products; mascara (that is probably a few months expired), bronzer and concealer (both that will last me over a year) and chapstick, lots and lots of chapstick. I put my makeup on once in the morning and even though its half off my face by noon, I have no desire to ever reapply. Recently I’ve been interested in expanding my knowledge in the beauty department. When did I start paying attention to everyone’s eyebrows?!

I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time reading beauty blogs and watching youtube videos that share their routines and goto products. I’ve bought so many random products because the pretty blogger said that she can’t live without them. And she has the same skin tone as me… sooo obviously they have to work for me! I know that makes me sound like such a terrible consumer. But there is an overwhelming amount of beauty products out there and I want to discover a few that I can say I can’t live without! I find myself truly intrigued by what makes other women feel beautiful. I am on a mission to find out. Stay Tuned.



8 thoughts on “Adventures in Beauty

  1. have you tried all natural products?! I’ve been into green skin make up and beauty for a while now. I’m the same as you when it comes to make up! maybe something to think about trying 😉

    1. I haven’t! I’ll have to look into it. Do you suggest a certain product? Also Honest has their new line that I’ve been dying to try!

      1. haha yes! I’ve been using w3llpeople (I have used their foundation, mascara, bronzer and setting powder) and juice beauty so far (I’ve used their blush and face mask). I also use an all natural toner and face cream (I’ll get back to you on the names!) I’ll join you on this beauty adventure. I’ll link you up to a post tonight!

      2. You are the best! You are actually one of the people on my list that I want to interview! Let me know if your interested and I’ll send you a few questions. You can take your time answering. If not no big deal.

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