According to my iPhone: Germany


Enjoying a pretzel & beer… both bigger then my head, in the Augustiner Keller beer garden
Getting lost in Munich
The most breathtaking view of Munich from the top of the Saint Peter’s Tower
Memorial sculpture at the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site
Surfing the River!
How Germans keep their beer cold! haha
Traditional Bavarian outfit.
Checking out fresh produce at the Viktualienmarkt.
Early morning at the Chinese Garden
Swimmers in the Eisbach!
Views of Cologne from the train
The most breathtaking cathedral I have ever seen (Kolner Dom, Cologne)
Grabbing a bite to eat along the Rhein


Next stop Prague!

When in Germany (Munich & Cologne)

1. Walking Tours: Like I’ve mentioned in the past walking tours are the best way to start off exploring a new city. Plus you get in some extra exercise which allows for more beer in your diet. (C&M)

2. Cologne Cathedral aka: Dom: Outstanding beauty. Located right outside of the train station, it’s impossible to miss. It took my breath away. (C)

3. Hohenzollern Bridge: It’s a short walk away from the Dom, where you get beautiful views of the city and cathedral from the other side. Similar to the one in Paris, thousands of people place their love locks on this bridge. (C)

4. Grab a bottle of wine and relax along the Rhein with many other tourists and locals. (C)

5. Take a stroll, bike or relax in the Englisher Gardens. It is the biggest public park in Munich and it reminds me so much of Central Park in NYC. It is huge. Many university students and locals can be found in the fields hanging out and relaxing. Tip: Watch out for the naked old men. (M)

6. Watch the surfers riding the man made surfer wave on the River Eisbach in the English Garden. I could watch all day. (M)

7. Jump in the River Eisbach. It flows through the park and there is a section that acts as a lazy river. It is really shallow and the current gets strong in some parts. Let the current effortlessly drift you down to what we were told is called “Rope or Die”. You know your ride is coming to an end when you come to a rope that stretches across the river. Grab ahold and make your way over to the side to exit. Ladies I suggest wearing a secure bathing suit top. (M)

8. Beer Gardens! Whats more German then giant liters of beer and pretzels bigger then the size of your face?! I suggest the Augustiner Keller (holds up to 7,000 people!), the Chinese Turm in the English Gardens, and finally the Hofbraeuhaus (super busy & touristy but hey… when in Germany). (M)

9. Visit the famous Viktualienmarkt (farmers market) in Munich’s city center. Indulge in sausage sandwiches with mustard and a fresh press juice on the side (balance is everything when traveling!). (M)

10. Climb to the top of the Sankt Peter Tower and take in the most breathtaking view of Munich. (M)

11. This next spot isn’t a place for everyone, but if your up for a powerful experience visit the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site. It is a quick day trip by train or bus from Munich. You can go walk around on your own but I suggest a guided tour. You’ll learn more about the history that way. (M)

Thanks Germany for the liters of beer, cheap sausage sandwiches and a crazy swim down the Eisbach River. Your culture is vibrant and your roots set deep; full of history. I hope we meet again.




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