My Thoughts on Adult Coloring Books

I’m all about trying anything that can help me relax. I was really excited when my mom bought me a zen coloring book for Christmas. Below is a reinactment of the conversation I had with myself when trying out adult coloring books for the first time…

“This is going to be so much fun! I used to love coloring as a kid… Instead of spending time on my phone looking through instagram and Pinterest I am definitely going to try to color once or twice a week… Wow, look at all of these awesome pictures in here. I love that mom got me one based around water elements, she knows me so well… This is definitely going to help me relax.”

(starts coloring with fancy new pencil set…)

“There’s a lot of little lines in here… Am I relaxed yet?? …I think I am feeling relaxed, this is going to be good”.

(after twenty minutes of coloring…)

“Does this look ok?…Ugh I am so bad at coloring… Why is this taking so long?! I only have two parts colored in. I will never finish this page… Staying in these tiny ass lines is so hard. I wish I was good at coloring. How come I’m not good?!… Do these color choices even look good together?… My freaking hand hurts…This literally looks like a four year old colored this page… I don’t know why my mom even bought this for me, I always sucked at coloring. I always had my friends do my art projects at school because I sucked so much… I want to be good at coloring. THIS IS NOT RELAXING. I feel anxious. Awesome… F this adult coloring book. I can’t do this anymore.”

(after I put everything away)

“Alright, maybe I should try again next week”.

^^I’ve said that statement for the past three months. I feel like I need to give adult coloring another chance… maybe next month. For now it will continue to be displayed as a coffee table book.   




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