Adventures in Beauty: Ashley

Ashley Byrd of Life Looks Better in Black is taking full advantage of every adventure that comes her way. She just moved from Brooklyn back to Long Island to start an exciting new career with the Montauk Brewing Co. When I think of one word to describe her it’s… real. She’s also down to earth and extremely witty and I’ve been dying to know her beauty secrets for ages. I knew should would be the perfect person to start off our new series on adventures in beauty. Here, she shares her favorite beauty tips, including her two minute “IDGAF” no make up look, and her obsession with Glossier…img_2878

Besides being obsessed with the color black, how would you describe your style?                         My style is all over the place. I wear a lot of black because it’s kind of my thing / everybody’s thing. Style is interesting because it’s a concept that you basically have no matter what it is. I think personal style evolves as time goes on and I don’t think fashion has much to do with it. Style says a lot about your aura and how you present yourself to the world. So I guess lately my style has been ratchet with a little bit #girlboss and a tad of WTF am I doing mixed right in. Simple and basics though are my go – to’s. I try to have one and only one stand-out piece in an entire ensemble. I’m really into juxtaposing my footwear to how you suspect the outfit to go. AKA pairing sick sneakers with a dressy outfit or wearing chunky high heels with a sweatshirt. A red lip with a head-to-toe black outfit has never failed me. Finding your style and sticking with it is both a journey and a discovery, but mostly – have fun.


You review a lot of different beauty products you on your blog. What are some that you can’t live without?
Beauty products I can’t live without…OMG, I’m psycho. There’s a LOTChanel Le Volume Mascara. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Liquid Soap in Lavender. Nude lipsticks (all, any, many – some of my favorites are by NARS and Chanel). The rest of my obsessions are all Glossier. Sounds promo-y but use my link for 20% off your first order. The Milky Jelly Cleanser is the “end all, be all” of cleansers. I’m serious, I would never lie about skincare. I also love a face cream that’s actually a great moisturizer by Le Mieux.
 img_2872Do you have a specific daily beauty routine? Tell us about the products you use every day.
Daily routine is wake up, lay in bed for too long, finally get up, wash face, brush teeth. I wash my face with cold water (always in the morning) and Glossier Milky Jelly. Crest 3D White Brilliance toothpaste and a soft and super small tooth brush (so I can get to the back teeth easily). Put on moisturizer. Either Le Mieux or Glossier Priming Moisturizer.
Next is makeup – there are really 2 different routines – 1. The IDGAF / No Makeup Look – (this is makeup in under 2 minutes). It consists of Glossier Skin Tint in Medium – followed by Glossier Boy Brow or Chanel Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil in Brun Naturel and Chanel Le Volume Mascara. Sometimes a sweep of either a Bobbi Brown loose powder to mattify the look or Chanel Soleil bronzer to tannify the look. Top off with Glossier Balm Dot Com or a nude lip color.
2. The Get it Together Look – Lately I’ve been using Marc Jacobs foundation, but it’s not my fave, which is Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Ultra Light foundation, B30 is my color and its very universal. If my face has any blemishes, I dab on a concealer – I’ve been using one lately from Clinque with Salicylic Acid in it – goes on like a liquid makeup but also makes me feel like I’m fighting the pimple that’s underneath. Also ALWAYS set the blemish with a powder so that it blends into the rest of the face wel. Set the rest of the face with a finishing powder or use the Smashbox Contour Kitto contour my face a little bit – define my cheeks – make me look less dead. Blush is a must even if its minimal – NARS Steven Klein has been a fave or Chanel any color. Eyebrows are NECESSARY everyday for me – do or die betch – I use Glossier Boy Brow in Brown or the Chanel Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil. Lips sometimes.
What products do you use to care for your hair? 
My hair routine is pretty random. I use a few different products. I used to be much more specific about my shampoo and conditioner and purchase expensive products from the salon or beauty supply store or, let’s be honest – Amazon) but now I just kind of use whatever. Try to make it sulfate free. I sometimes use this hair mask by Oribe because it smells amazing. And I love using Moroccan Oil on the ends of my hair but I’m super specific about not letting it get near the roots to ensure my hair doesn’t get greasy.
Do you do anything specific for your skin?
Skincare I battle with / have a love affair with. I’m constantly trying new products and love myself a great face mask or anything that feels good for that matter. My skin type is “combination” (I think) because I get a greasy T-zone and sometimes dry cheeks. I’ve tried hundreds of brands and styles of skincare, I’ve most recently been obsessed with Korean beauty trends and continuously feed my additions through Glow Recipe and Peach & Lily. I often post on my Snapchat @ashleybyrdy with “Face Mask Monday’s” and show my ridiculous antics with sheet masks, rubber masks and DIY face masks.
Do you have any beauty secrets to share?
Beauty secrets that aren’t really secrets that I have to share are to always wash your face with cold water. Somebody a long time ago gave an interview saying that Pharrel Williams does that and he’s 42 years old but looks 21 so I’m 100% buying into that. Preperation H for under eye bags after a night of crying (sadly, this sorta works). Red lipstick transforms a dirty office look when you haven’t showered in over 24 hours to a sleek and chic night out. Dry shampoo is BAE. Less is always more. Also – nobody REALLY cares what you look like (unless its appalling)… so think about that next time you’re concerned.
What are some products that you always carry with you?
I carry far too many products with me at any given time, but I also never know where I will be at any given time. I always keep Glossier’s Boy Brow with me to touch up the brows. I always keep several shades of nude lipstick with me – I’ve recently had a fling with Kylie Jenner’s new matte lip glosses. And usually a dark color. And a red. I always keep some sort of lip balm on me. (As I said, psycho – basically I keep like 6 or more lip products on me at all times). Rosewater spray or a Evian water spray for skin hydration and always keep meds of some form on me.
What products are you willing to save on?
Dry shampoo – used to spend a helluva lot of money on this, but discovered that Dove works amazingly and smells really good – drug store bargain. Also nail polish – essie or OPI you really can’t go wrong with.
What’s one beauty product you are willing to break the bank for? 
I’ll break the bank for almost anything in the realm of beauty. With that being said, I’ve been a lot better at asking for samples so I can tell if I really need something before spending a lot on it. Chanel Le Volume Mascara is a must have for me. *Also I realize I sound very bougie when I talk about the makeup brands that I use, BUT – I’ve tried a LOT of other brands at various price points and really just love these the best. It’s not the cheapest and definitely not the most expensive, but it’s worth every penny.
Who are some of your beauty inspirations?
Beauty inspiration comes from so many places. I troll Instagram all the time, I follow a lot of style and beauty bloggers and they definitely allow me to discover new brands and be at the forefront of emerging trends.
What makes you feel most beautiful? 
Being comfortable. With another person or by myself in a really beautiful location just sitting around and being content about that very moment. So I guess, living in the moment makes me feel really beautiful and happy. Also Chanel Le Volume mascara in black.
Thank you so much for sharing Ash! You’ve definitely convinced me that I need some Glossier in my life. And make sure you guys check out her awesome lifestyle blog!

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