According to my iPhone: Prague

This is real life…views from T-anker roof top bar.
The most amazing views of Prague from the castle!
Views from the Prague Castle
5 Story Dance Club!



Steps up to the Castle


Enjoying lunch at Café Atmosphere
The famous John Lennon Wall


Exploring Old Town
When you feel like a baller because everything is cheap in Prague


Pedal boat night views.
Charles Bridge!
Until next time…


When In Prague

  1. Visit the Prague Castle. The views are unreal. It’s about the size of seven football fields, it is the largest ancient castle in the world!  Plus climbing all the stairs to get there is a great workout.
  2. Check out the John Lennon Wall. During communist years, western pop music was banned and musicians were even jailed for playing it.  This wall was once a political focus for the youth of Prague. These days it is a famous tourist attraction, filled with images of Lennon, Beatles lyrics, peaceful words and tourist graffiti (Bring a marker!!) When we were visiting a musician was singing and playing acoustic  Beatles songs- it was awesome.
  3. Walk across the Charles Bridge (pedestrians only). It’s a famous historic bridge that crosses the Vltava river. It connects the Old Town with the Prague Castle. You will find amazing views and really unique Goth style statues.
  4. Dance into the early morning at Karlovy Lazne. It’s a 5 story night club! Each floor has a different style of music. Very similar to culture club in NYC. It was a highlight of the trip for sure.
  5. At night rent a pedal boat or a canoe and take in the views of the Vltava River.
  6.  Visit the Petrin Observation Tower. It’s built as a mini version of Paris’s Eiffel Tower and you will get some of the best views of Prague from the top.
  7. Eat a Trdelnik! This delicious Czech cinnamon/sugar pastry can be found at a street vendor. Don’t worry about finding one…they are located at what seems like every street corner.
  8. Have a beer and a bite to eat at T-Anker rooftop restaurant. I’ve been saying this a lot but I swear it has the most magical view of Old Town Prague. You will fee like you are in a Disney movie.
  9. Grab some lunch at the very cozy Café Atmosphere.
  10. Try a milk beer. Which is basically just a pint of foam. But it is a specialty of Prague.

Nashledanou Prague! The beauty of your city is beyond words. So is your five story dance club. Na zdravi!



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